Suresh Mehta

Suresh Mehta, a seasoned real estate professional at Djoker Realty LLP, excels in finalizing and negotiating property deals, contributing to the company’s success and client satisfaction. Djoker Realty LLP, a trusted name in Mumbai’s real estate scene since 2012, specializes in commercial and residential property consulting.

With a keen eye for strategic partnerships, Suresh Mehta leverages his extensive market knowledge to drive growth through joint ventures and mergers. His commitment to excellence and client satisfaction positions him as a valuable asset within Djoker Realty, fostering expansion and innovation.

Known for his professionalism, integrity, and adept relationship-building skills, Suresh Mehta enjoys a stellar reputation in the industry. Discover how his expertise and dedication make Djoker Realty LLP a go-to source for unparalleled real estate services in Mumbai and the metropolitan areas.

Ankur Mehta

Ankur Mehta, a dynamic and highly skilled professional, is a key player in the transformative journey of deals at Djoker Realty. Leveraging his keen business acumen and strategic mindset, Ankur has made substantial contributions to the success of Djoker Realty.

As an integral team member, Ankur possesses an in-depth understanding of the dynamic real estate industry, consistently identifying emerging trends and seizing lucrative opportunities for the company’s advancement. Specializing in diverse land deal options such as joint ventures, development partnerships, and outright purchases, Ankur excels in propelling and shaping deals.

Ankur Mehta stands out for his meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive analysis of every facet of a deal, ensuring optimal outcomes for Djoker Realty and its clients. His strategic thinking and effective communication skills facilitate the smooth navigation of complex transactions, fostering strong partnerships and driving the overall success of the company.

Beyond transactions, Ankur Mehta focuses on building enduring relationships founded on trust and respect, earning him the status of a trusted industry advisor. Through unwavering dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, Ankur Mehta and Djoker Realty aim to deliver outstanding spaces that cater to clients’ needs and contribute to the flourishing well-being of the communities they serve. Explore how Ankur Mehta’s expertise and Djoker Realty’s commitment make them leaders in delivering exceptional real estate solutions.

Manthan Mehta

Manthan Mehta, a meticulous professional at Djoker Realty, is your dedicated expert in handling real estate paperwork with precision and efficiency. His keen attention to detail and organizational prowess ensures a smooth and accurate management of all necessary documentation. Serving as the go-to person for all paperwork-related matters, Manthan navigates complex legal and administrative procedures with pride, actively participating in decision-making committees that shape company policies and regulations.

What sets Manthan apart is his unwavering commitment to excellence, demonstrated through his proactive approach in staying updated on the latest industry practices and evolving paperwork standards. He meticulously reviews and prepares documentation, submitting it promptly to minimize the risk of errors and delays in the transaction process. Beyond his exceptional attention to detail, Manthan is recognized for his strong work ethic and open communication with clients, colleagues, and legal professionals.

Choose Manthan Mehta at Djoker Realty for a seamless and hassle-free real estate experience. Trust in his expertise to handle your paperwork with precision, allowing you to engage confidently in your real estate transactions.