At our esteemed organization, corporate social responsibility is not just a formal section of business that we undertake. We want to ensure that we provide something to our best capabilities to give back to the society that has always provided for us. We want to ensure that our employees and team of directors are always grateful for all the resources we have been given and source them accordingly.
The scarcity of resources in an economy like ours is a real challenge. We aim to understand the importance of sustainability and celebrate nature uniquely. From holding campaigns like blood donation for health centres to getting associated with NGOs working for the welfare of women and children, we try to involve our employees as a prime part of our CSR.
CSR is not just about separating a part of your earning and writing cheques for environment protectionists or social groups. It is about the understanding that humans need to instil among each other and in future generations. Society has consistently aided us in every way possible. It is high time we realize that we owe a part of our wealth to the protection and betterment of it.
Besides covering social and economic responsibility at our organization, Djoker Realty also focuses on financial commitment. We have active participation from all levels of employees at our organization who are equally motivated to contribute to societal improvements in any way possible. We believe in sustainable growth for society as a whole.